March - May 2019

June - July 2019

19 - 23 August 2019
Kuala Lumpur

Sept - Oct 2019

Pre Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to expose participants to various individualized learning methods that are applicable in both traditional and alternative classroom settings. During the YSEALI workshop, participants will work in teams guided by experienced facilitators and mentors. To maximize their workshop experience, participants are encouraged to participate in a series of online activities and assignments to be held during a 2-month period prior to the workshop. Through these pre-workshop modules, participants will network and e-meet other participants, form groups and define their educational challenges. During the online pre-workshop sessions, participants will also form project teams (comprising a minimum of 4 people) based on common interests. By the end of the online pre-workshop session, project teams are expected to formulate an idea to design a solution based on the educational challenges identified. They will also be introduced to individualized learning methods and approaches.


They will then continue their identified project at the 3-day workshop in Kuala Lumpur to deepen their knowledge of individualized learning methods. Participants will learn how to craft real-world solutions that drive instruction, create assessments that mimic work outside school, and plan and manage multiple learning paths that promote quality student work.

The 3-day workshop in Kuala Lumpur aims also to provide further guidance on designing, developing and implementing their projects through a series of Masterclasses called the Power Learning Academy. The Academy will run multiple parallel learning sessions to provide team members with the tools required to finalize their programs, as well as targeted education workshops specific to their areas of interest. Each team is expected to send at least one member to each Academy session so that everyone can contribute and collaborate toward the development of their project. Some of the Academy topics:

Team Building/Cross Border Collaboration

Finding the right team members and how to make working across countries effective.

Project Management Basics

The basics of project management-the key steps in building a successful project.

Online Project and Collaboration Tools

How do you manage a project and collaborate successfully using online tools.

Power Learning Environment (PLE) Tools - Deep Dive

The How and Why of PLE -a Deep Dive insight into how you can develop an effective PLE-what works what doesn't

Social Media Campaigns

How do you run a campaign on social media effectively and your different tools.


How to run an effective outreach campaign-both online and offline.

Financial Management & Fundraising

Preparing a solid grant application, managing the grant. Keeping records. Reporting. Effective fundraising methods.

Project Pitching

How do you Pitch your project? Preparing an effective pitch.

Post Workshop Activities

Two-month post workshop monitoring and mentoring will also be provided for the projects. We believe that with the mentors’ support and the strong sense of community and culture of collaboration established before and during the workshop, participants will be adequately supported to implement their projects.