Group 1

Hack the Plastic A Project Based Learning Unit for the Elementary Science Class

Group 2

Bully Prevention in Your Hands A curricular design to implement project-based learning in high school English

Group 3

SEAGE Sharing Environmental Awareness, Promoting Southeast Asian Change

Group 4

The Firefly Project How to address issues that students face that may lead to depression?

Group 5

Importance of Finance Management Encourage people to take better care of their finances, especially at the young age

Group 6

Plastic Education For Southeast Asia A Project Based Learning for Students Across SEA Countries

Group 7

Social Justice Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Group 8

Social Media Group Combating Disinformation as a Community

Group 9

Storytelling How can we prevent "our stories" from becoming extinct?

Group 10

PBL Improving Sea Students Writing Skills Through Tourism

Group 11

S.E.A PROJECT 11 to 22% of girls and 3 to 16.5% of boys were sexually abused and harassed in the South East Asian Countries

Group 12

H2O FOR LIFE Creates impactful Project-Based Learning units that inspire students to implement effective solutions for sustainable water quality

Group 13

YSEALI Theater Boosting Confidence In Speaking English

Group 14

RC PROJECT How can we reduce waste efficiently by creating practical recycled crafts?

Group 15

Women Empowerment Curriculum Make a change and EMPOWER a woman. The equal world

Group 16

OUR PLASTIC SCHOOL Increase Learning, Upcycle Waste

Group 17

Preservice Teachers To understand how future skills can have an influence on their employment opportunities

Group 18

The World Around Us How can we promote the image of our community to the world through social media?

Group 19

EDUTOURISM Revealing Hidden Treasures